Preview of new upcoming Project-43 track called, "Forgotten".

You or Me
 New single, "You or Me" from upcoming Project-43 CD.


"Brilliant! I've listened to so many bands who 'claim' to be hard rock and I end up listening to pop crap. Project-43 has won my heart! Musicianship to image to art. Flawless! Project 43 is redefining my definition of true hard rock. You will set a standard for me that's hard to beat!" - Tyler Buhl,

"Project-43 is one of those rare bands that exhibits chemistry between it's members, an amazing fact considering they produce their music from separate locations. Their sound harkens back to the raw roots of rock and continually draws your hand to the volume control to crank it up just a little bit more... Rock, how it was meant to be played and heard!" - Stack, Overdrive Underground Internetwork

"This CD has songs that are very reminiscent of old-skool Iron Maiden and maybe some Queensryche, but there's a modern twist too with some excellent tunes like 'Running Scared'. Well worth recommending to anyone who likes classic heavy!!! - Eddie, CDBaby

"'Silence The Quiet' from Project 43 is a cool debut album, showcasing a range of diverse styles all within the melodic rock barrier... and in turn it sounds quite professional and slick. the albums end, you are actually left wanting more, it's easy going on the listener and covers a diverse range of styles and influences that keeps the flow interesting." - Nicky, Fireworks Magazine

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Returned to Us
A new and FREE single for #DL from Project-43 called "Returned to Us".

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